Remember to be careful, proceed slowly, and use discernment when meeting new people and deciding whether they are compatible with the new direction your life is taking in recovery. Chances are that you were introduced to the concept of recovery groups and may have even joined a group prior to graduating from your treatment program. Recovery groups provide environments in which you may connect with other people who are in recovery. Some group members are more experienced and have completed rehab many years ago while others are more recent graduates from a drug or alcohol treatment program. Addiction counselors report that substance abuse often begins when people use drugs or alcohol to enable them to socialize more easily.

sober social networking

Begin by creating a list of personal traits individuals who support your recovery should possess. However, they should all encourage your decision to enter recovery. Addiction affects the lives of more people than just those who are dealing with addiction. Al-Anon Family Groups give friends and family sober network properties the support and resources they need to help them cope through challenging times. This app helps you access other sober people worldwide through a social-media-style platform. App users can share their stories with the community and it can alert other app users when you need some extra support.

Do alcohol recovery support groups accept insurance?

Instead, Muniz said his sobriety may stem from his “hatred towards time.” He mentioned how as a child actor, “when I was 15, 16 years old I felt like I was so old … I had experienced a lot in my life in comparison to most 15 or 16-year-olds.” So by the time his peers at clubs started offering him drinks and drugs, he didn’t feel the need or desire to try it. Muniz says his lifestyle allowed him have a “great appreciation for his past” and focus on his other endeavors, such as music and race car driving. When Bialik zoomed in on why Muniz never drank or did drugs, he said, “I don’t have a reason — it wasn’t like a religion,” he said. He added that his family often drinks for leisure, and his parents often smoke marijuana (though he did admit the copaganda reality show “Cops” led him to believe the only people who smoke pot are “criminals”). Social networks dedicated to a specific theme, such as music or movies, might need you to supply more information about the topic.

sober social networking

On the other, their behavior when they were actively using may make it hard for their families and loved ones to immediately fully embrace them as they transition back into their everyday lives. Sober social apps have been used more and more to help people in recovery support one another and make new connections that help them stay clean. Sober Grid is the most popular social networking app for sober people to meet each other. In addition to providing access to a robust, online sober community, Sober Grid provides peer support coaching, digital therapeutics, and a digital library of mental health and recovery resources. Apart from attending recovery meetings, you should also participate in other healthy social activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. Loosid offers chat groups to help sober people meet one another where they live, make new sober friendships, and find people to do activities that don’t revolve around alcohol.

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These programs are often considered a first-line treatment for people in recovery. AA members typically attend face-to-face meetings where members share their experiences and discuss their progress through the steps. Founded in the 1930s, AA is a peer-to-peer fellowship that encourages recovery from alcohol use disorder via a structured, spiritually focused 12-step process.

Building a following provides access to and interaction with new, recent, and longtime customers. Sharing blog posts, images, videos, or comments on social media allows followers to react and engage, visit a company’s website, and become customers. Repairing broken relationships requires honest, sincere apologies, remaining open, and listening to the other party. Knowing that you are sincere about your recovery may allow the other person to be receptive to communicating with you and eventually trusting you again. People with whom you already have a relationship may be good candidates to be in your support network.

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A desirable person would be someone who may be able to offer trustworthy advice or has relatable experiences. Mario Diurno, who is organizing the upcoming UNITE to Face Addiction rally in Washington, first used Sober Grid in hopes of finding a date. Now he mostly uses it to find friends and keep himself strong after 10 years of being in recovery.

However, talking with a professional therapist or coach usually comes at a higher cost. WFS aims to help women deal with addiction by minimizing negative behaviors and growing their sense of self-value, self-worth, and self-efficacy. Moreover, all services have been vetted to ensure they meet Psych Central’s medical, editorial, and business standards. Building this sense of community is important for maintaining sobriety. Sobriety support groups generally do not accept insurance because they are not treatment facilities.

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Others have may feel discouraged because they do not have supportive friends and family members, or they may have difficulty meeting new people. Sober social apps are social media platforms for individuals in addiction recovery. They’ve been gaining more and more traction over the past five years and have received millions of dollars in grants from the National Institutes of Health. These apps can also serve as a lifeline if users are feeling vulnerable to relapse or have started using again and are headed for overdose.